Is city life not all glamour & colorful cocktails? Did you move here for a dream and now just feel misguided, unhappy or just plain stuck? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and feeling like you aren’t at all where you thought you’d be in your life?

Most people have certain expectations of what it’s like to live in a big city. It’s adventurous, always thriving and you have everything accessible at your fingertips. And then of course there’s the Carrie Bradshaw factor…

The urban lifestyle is not always so simple & sexy. There’s often overwhelm of having too much to do, insecurity from feeling like you have to act a certain way and anxiety from draining your finances or longer hours/stress at the office. And then there’s the weight gain!  No one mentions all the calories that can add up from those martinis!

Here’s the thing, you moved to the city to be amazing! Isn’t it time to stop coasting along and create the experience you came here for? How incredible would it feel to start doing what you love and leave behind your doubts and ‘what ifs’?

The thing is, there is no “manual” on how to be an adult.  And the media depicts an image that isn’t so easily attainable!  So naturally, we are bound to mess up every now and then.  But are you noticing it’s happening too frequently?  Are you always beating yourself up for screwing up yet again?  Are you confused about who you are “suppose” to be?  And what does that even mean anyway?

I understand because I’ve dealt with it all. I wanted to be in the city after college and was SO ready to start my independent and fabulous life!  It was going to be posh evenings, unique opportunities that others would be envious of, chic wardrobes and single desirable men at every venture.

Yeah. Not so much.

Within the year, I spent way too much money, was in a passionless job, gained at least 30 pounds and was definitely still single.  The most action I was getting was with Ben & Jerry.  While it did have good times, it absolutely didn’t live up to the high hopes I had for city living.  I felt hopeless, insecure, and alone.  I started to feel like a failure and was jealous of my friends that seemed to have it all together.  Why not me too?

I kept wishing things would be better, different, anything!  “Please God” I’d plead, “just give me something!”  But nothing happened.  After getting burnt out in a big way, I had to learn that I was the one that needed to change.  If I wanted something, I had to take action and make it happen myself.  It took longer than a New York minute, however the shift was UNREAL.  The city started working to MY advantage and I was attracting the urban lifestyle I had always craved. My extra weight dropped, I lost the desire to go out with guys that didn’t line up with my values, and my confidence level skyrocketed!

Life evolves in line with my wants and now that’s my desire for YOU too!  By working together I’ll share with you the ways I pushed through my setbacks and then personalize it to work for you. How fantastic would it feel to know how to manage the over-stimulation and chaos so you can relax and start to enjoy your life?!  Here are just some of the results you will see after implementing what we discover!

  • Finally figure out how you can go out, eat and drink without gaining more weight! (Not-uh! It’s true!)
  • Stop letting the fear of missing out get the best of you and start living on your terms, not anyone else’s.
  • Feel so hot and confident you’ll make heads turn as you strut down 5th Avenue!
  • Gain control at your job and start to establish boundaries.  You deserve a life too!
  • Get your dating life in check and stop dating the stereotypical assholes.
I KNOW you’re not the type to settle! You wouldn’t be living in the city otherwise. Let’s create your story and give this town a run for it’s money!

Ready to do this?  It’s your turn!  Contact me today for more information at danimercurio@gmail.com.

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