Is the Office Causing you to Pack on the Pounds? 5 Ways to Combat and Keep your Sanity!

Overeating. We’ve all done it at one point or another. That overpowering urge that arises and all logic goes out the window. We find ourselves leaping into a feeding frenzy mouth first. And oh does it feel so good when we give in! It’s the aftermath that follows that isn’t as sweet. There’s the eruption of guilt and the case of the ‘I should haves’. Your mind screams at you; “Why oh why was I so reckless and shoved a pack of cookies down my throat? Can’t I ever learn my lesson? Ugh!”


Guess what, everyone is entitled to overindulge time and again and there is nothing shameful about it. But what happens when this starts happening more frequently? Ever feel like the ability of knowing when to stop yourself is broken? This can develop into an unsettling and sometimes emotionally painful experience known as food co-dependence.

A HUGE place overindulgence occurs is at the workplace. And it’s not totally our fault! Everyday seems to be someone’s birthday, an impromptu pizza lunch or some kind of holiday! Or there are the people that bring in goodies ‘just because’. What’s one to do? We have to go in to work and we can’t isolate ourselves from every social situation. And running away screaming with arms flailing may not look so hot for that promotion you’re trying to snag.

To keep your sanity and your waistline under control, try some of the following:

  • Stay full. It’s as simple as that! When you’re hungry, you are more likely to reach for something loaded with sugar or carbs. By eating regularly, you keep your body fueled and satisfied. You can stick to a regular breakfast or lunch and load up on a variety of protein, fruits and veggies to keep you going. Or try out my ‘cow method’, which is grazing on small balanced portions throughout the day to stay alert and curb cravings.
  • Stay stocked. Keep a stash of healthy snacks on hand, so when you do have the urge to munch, you can feel good about it. Select items you enjoy in particular, not just ones you think you ‘should have’ or you’ll still be left in wanting. Make a date with your honey and go to Costco to buy in bulk and then prep out your portions ahead of time for easy access.
  • Stay refreshed. Sometimes we mistaken hunger for thirst. Grab a glass of water or make some tea. If you really want to go wild, bring in some club soda and garnish with lemon and limes. Or get creative and add cucumbers or mint leaves to your water (my office mates always seem to find this fascinating)!
  • Treat yourself. We’d go crazy if we were constantly restricting ourselves! If you really want a piece of cake at the next office party, go for it. Have a small slice and savor the few bites you take and don’t comment to your co-workers at how ‘bad’ you are being. Or if you want the ‘big slice’, compromise and stay on the treadmill an extra ten minutes at the gym. Giving yourself small allowances doesn’t put much of a hindrance on your weight goals or add on massive pounds. Plus, it keeps you sane.
  • Kindly decline. Remember, YOU know yourself best. If you decide you do not want to eat the offering or participate in the gathering, simply say no thank you. Be forceful but polite. No need to say you are being ‘good’ or you’re already too fat. It may come off as offensive to the person that brought the food or made it into a bigger deal than necessary.

Again, don’t forget that you are the one in control of what goes in your body! You have the power over your thoughts and actions. Whether you take the appropriate steps or have an off day, remember to talk to yourself as you would a friend and be encouraging. I know food and weight loss can be a challenge, but I have faith that you can override it and develop a more natural relationship with eating. You rock!!

Have your own healthy office eating tip to share? Comment in the section below!



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