My Crush on Deepak Chopra & How You Can Benefit! Learn the Simple Way to Maximize Your Mind-Body Connection.

The past few days I’ve been blessed with some knockout ‘in the present’ moments! 

First was Electric Daisy Carnival, a festival where the waves of music and the beat filled my body.  I danced for hours upon end and just let myself be captivated by the people around me and the sky above with all its vast possibilities.  I felt aligned and in connected to my truth. 

The second was the Super Soul Sunday feature on Maya Angelou.  Her ability to overcome so many hardships and stay eternally grateful blows me away.  She broke down into tears when she expressed the following:

“It humbles me that this force, that made leaves and fleas and stars, rivers… and you… loves me.  It’s amazing!  I can do anything and do it well.  It’s why I am who I am.”

My heart sang to her and I couldn’t help the tears of amazement that came in return.  Knowing that this higher strength believes and supports in me (and YOU!) brings everything I could ask in this moment.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to see Sanjiv and Deepak Chopra discuss their book collaboration, Brotherhood.  Can I just say that Deepak is a total rock star?  From his collarless blazer and jeans to his sleek specs and effortless gray hair, he looked astonishing.  I hadn’t felt this giddy since my days of getting the latest Teen Bop with Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover.


He and his brother (also a Doctor and medical professor at Harvard), talked of growing up in India, the struggles of coming to the U.S. and their different views on Western and Complementary medicine.  The overwhelming theme of the evening was what could happen with determination and the ability of knowing you are capable.  Deepak expressed that the biggest lesson he learned in this regard was to stop feeding off the approval of others.  When you are taking a risk, there are many people that may not approve and simply for that reason.  By pushing through anyway, you may discover something inherently valuable that no one would’ve seen and further benefit society. Feeding off this energy was Sanjiv, who suggested that daring to dream may create some short term discomfort, while playing it safe creates nothing.


At the end of the evening, a request was made for Deepak to lead the group in a guided meditation.  It was a simple 2 minute exercise; however those brief moments filled me with such peace and clarity.  I invite you to benefit and replicate what I was able to practice.  Below is the same meditation, transcribed to the best of my ability:

Start with a good, solid seat.  Close your eyes.  Simply Breathe.

Keep your attention on the breath.  Ask yourself – “Who am I?”  Stay steady on your breath, allowing whatever images or feelings come to mind.

Next, feel your heart and ask yourself – “What do I feel?”

Go back to the breath.  Now ask, “What do I want?”

Allow your mind to settle into your breath. “What is my purpose?” 

Ask – “What is my passion and how can I serve?”  Remember to focus on the initial feelings.  Do not look for the answers as they are deep within your soul.

Let whatever is happening in the moment swirl through your mind a few moments longer. 

Open your eyes.

You need not have meditation experience to do this, just a few moments and an openness to try.  Give yourself time between each question.  Notice if your mind and body start to come together.  This brief session is an amazing way to get to know yourself a little better or just set a more positive tone to start out your day.  You may even want to journal or jot down a few of the thoughts or emotions that came up for you.

We often spend so much time re-hashing the past and beating ourselves over what we should’ve done differently.  And if we aren’t doing that, we are creating anxieties over what is going to happen tomorrow.  The thing is that we don’t know what will happen.  The beauty in that is you are given a choice.  You can focus on what may potentially go wrong or you can put an emphasis on trusting that you have everything you need to tackle the future.  This type of thinking can bring more satisfaction and calmness NOW, so that you can have clarity and resourcefulness for what lies ahead.

I would love for you to share in the comments your favorite ‘being present’ adventures!  Whether it’s a type of meditation, activity or mantra, please reveal your way to in the moment bliss!



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