Life Coach Radio Network!

Hello New You City Readers!

I wanted to announce some exciting news in that I will now be heard through the radio airwaves!  I recently join the team of 25 talented coaches from across the globe at the Coach Host Radio Network.  Shows are held daily either by a solo coach or in group format.  The topics range from free coaching, relationships, career, body image and so much more!!

I made my radio debut this past weekend during the ‘Life Coach Chat’ hour.  Myself and two other coaches spent the hour demonstrating what life coaching is really all about and explained some of the techniques and resources we used.  You can listen to the live recording via the link below.  It gives great insight as to how coaching can benefit you.

Please note that ALL the coaching scenarios given were completely candid and the coaches were not prepped on the subject matter prior!  What you are witnessing is real in the moment coaching!

I will be doing another Life Coach Chat on Saturday, June 15th and I’ll be sure to post the additional details as they come available.  Then starting in July, it’s time for my own solo show!  We’ll be discussing topics surrounding finding city life balance amidst the chaos and learning the ways to naturally fall into your hottest most confident self!

Please COMMENT in the section below and let me know any topics that you would like discussed or featured on one of our upcoming shows!



One thought on “Life Coach Radio Network!

  1. Loved the show last week and am excited to tune in again! It was a great example of what to expect during a coaching session and it was nice to see the differences between the 3 of you!

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