Winged TV – Pilot Episode 1/15/2015

WINGED TV: Getting real with your Angels! Divine access to your spirit guides!

Join myself and Brianna Rose on our TV show debut! Tune in and learn how to connect with your team of spirit guides and Angels. Together, we’re a dynamic duo that make meditation & connecting with your Angels fun, hip, and cool. And we’ll be doing FREE on-air Angel Card readings.  You can send your questions ahead of time to  Please note, we will not use your personal details when broadcast.  If you can’t make it live, you can watch the recording after to see if your request was called upon!


Tune in from my site by clicking play at showtime (1/15/2015 @8:00PM EST)!

Every show will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube at

Become a subscriber and don’t miss out on any of the episodes!

For more, check out our official event page!

The angels and I are SO pumped for you to tune in!

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