Who am I?  I’m a intuitive coach, astrologist, speaker and Kundalini yoga & meditation teacher. Or as I like to call myself, an Urban Gypsy.  It’s my mission to bring people to the present moment and to know what it feels like to have bliss & joy in their everyday life.

I strive to get you to make a change today.  To stop worrying about what other people think; and to start finding out what is holding you back from moving into your desired dreams.  I work with you to get over the disappointment and regret attached to your life, so you can move ahead into happiness, satisfaction and success.  I’m here to help you to see the light that’s always been within you, it just has been tarnished from years of misdirection and doubt.

Who am I to help you?  I’m the one that has so been there and back many times before.  I was the hot mess wishing for a miracle.  After moving to a city in my early twenties, I knew I loved the fabulous independent lifestyle and that cities were, well, magic.  But just because I found where I wanted to be, it didn’t mean I knew who I was suppose to be.  My world revolved around the confusion of what it meant to be an ‘adult’.  I had a constant fear of missing out on what others were doing and also felt continuous self-judgment and repetitive cycles of ridicule because I didn’t feel like I measured up to what society dictated.  I’d distract myself with spending money on things I couldn’t afford like nightly drinking excursions, going out to eat, smoking or shopping sprees…basically anything that would give me that rush of stimulation to feel more alive and less like a failure.  Or I’d crack jokes about one night stands to entertain my friends and became a pro at convincing others that I was living an optimal life.  But it often just felt meaningless and my problems always still lingered the next morning.  The only sure thing I knew that was evolving in my life at that time was my waistline.  All I kept thinking was, “when would it be my turn to finally belong? To have life with meaning?”

It’s true when they say you have to fall even deeper than you thought possible in order to create change.  It wasn’t until desperation brought me sobbing down on my drunken knees at my best friend’s wedding that I knew I had scraped against the bottom of my quintessential “rock”.  It wasn’t because my friend was getting married and I wasn’t.  Or that a boy I thought was cute didn’t want a relationship with me.  Or that I realized how selfish I was being.  It was that I had no clue why I was so lost.  That when I thought about tomorrow, all I could see was darkness.  I was so numb to it all that my body had to cry for help in a really big way in order for me to listen.

I knew I had two options.  I could get a cat and see how that lifestyle panned out for me or I could get help.

I got help.  I learned that I had an addictive personality and that if I didn’t do something about it, I would always look to outer things to try to heal my pain.  But I know now that it’s not the things outside of you that bring you answers, it’s the things deep within you that provide true transformation.  It was upon my willingness to explore that concept further that real things started to shift.  It was hard to let go of my old lifestyle, even knowing it wasn’t serving me, but with perseverance and loving support during the times I lapsed or got discouraged, a whole new world opened up for me.  I learned what it meant to like myself.  I lost 40 pounds and started to attract more positive experiences and people into my life.  For the first time, I was in love with me.

“What I wanted was always there, I was just looking the wrong way.”

I realized that I had to go through everything I did in order to find my calling, which is to inspire anyone that is feeling unsure, trapped, or basically like a hot mess.  Everyone deserves love and a life they can feel proud of…and I can guide the way.  You deserve to have a better job, a healthier body and more serious relationships.  It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing process like we sometimes think either.  You can still have the things you enjoy like going out, good food, fashion, and even non-committal dating if that’s what’s best in the moment.  My work allows you to go on a journey of self discovery and still do what you love and even better, not only get what you want, but bring about a confidence and assurance that provides more than you could’ve hoped for in the process!

Through workshops, private groups, speaking events and, one-on-one sessions, I specialize in intuitive coaching, Kundalini yoga and meditation, and astrological readings.  I have found that utilizing these platforms bring greater awareness and faster results to my clients.  I use my own life experience as well as light hearted spirit and wit to engage and encourage people to stop worrying about what other people think, become bolder, and feel more complete now.  I trained to be a life coach at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) and am certified under Gabby Bernstein’s Level 1 & 2 Spirit Junkie Masterclass. I am KRI Kundalini Yoga certified through Golden Bridge Yoga and also have studied the Shambhala Path meditation principals.  I am also a Reiki practitioner and Certified Angel Card Reader under Doreen Virtue. To date, my coaching has allowed people to have a clearer understanding of their goals and how to achieve them. Through private and group coaching, my clients have gone on to build lasting confidence, detach from judgements, lose significant weight,  and even transition into self-employment.  The time is now. You’re here because you are ready! Let’s not settle for the mediocre and create of the momentum of lasting change.

Please go to this link for more on my services.

bed side

I live in Manhattan in an adorable apartment I often refer to as my best friend.  I enjoy decadent food, ambiance and laughter with charming friends, solo movie dates, dancing at music festivals, and checking out the latest studio on Class Pass.  I believe that everything you want is in the present moment.

Are you tired of waiting for change to happen?  It’s your turn to live the life you deserve!  Reach out to me to get started at danielle@daniellemercurio.com

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