“When I started with Danielle I had no clue as to what direction to take with my business or personal life.  On our first session I knew we were a perfect match.  She understood the stage I was in my life and immediately put together a plan to kick start me into the right direction.  In just a few months I’ve been able to create the business of my dreams.  I couldn’t of had a better person to coach me.  She is a no nonsense type of person and she will hold you accountable in meeting your goals.  If you are tired of the BS and want results there is no better person.  I am so grateful for this woman, she is my coach, mentor and friend.” Rosalie Tolentino, Spiritual & Dream Coach

“Danielle has a way of letting you speak your mind from your fears, to your judgments and opinions without making you feel you are right or wrong. Instead, her techniques helped to guide me to thinking about the root of my issues, why I felt a certain way and then created a plan to help me get out of that mentality. She is able to successfully bring you through to a resolution. Her charming personality and strong knowledge of her coaching skills has helped me immensely!” –Nisha, Philadelphia, PA

“Having a session with Danielle is the best investment ever if you want to have a deeper understanding of your souls imprint on life. My session brought me so much clarity and focus from being in a kinda stuck place into serious action phase. I have been on fire since our session, because I know how to navigate the cosmos in my chart for my benefit. Once I realized that there was literally a karmic soul order and I had work to do, I was on it. I am so blessed to have had an intuitive astrology reading from my urban gypsy guru. I have had my charts read before but combine that with laser sharp focus and intuition=priceless. Thank you sister and so much love for you!!”  Maureen Saladino, Spiritual Strategist and Intuitive Energy Coach

“Danielle is a gorgeous rock star! I am on many astrology sites and watch lots of videos, however Danielle is always the BEST. I love her and forward her work onto my friends. Thank you!” Michele Harlem Shaffer; Social Worker, MA

“I had my first ever tarot card reading with Danielle over Skype. I was not at all sure what to expect as I had never had my cards read before and was feeling slightly apprehensive, but Danielle was approachable and had me feeling comfortable in no time. She held each card up (such a beautiful deck!) and explained the meaning of each symbol and how they related to the tarot as a whole. Before our session she asked me to settle on an intention-to decide what exactly I wanted to learn from the tarot reading-so my reading focused on my career and spirituality. I could not believe how eerily accurate my career cards were! Any doubts that I had about tarot’s efficacy were washed away after my first two cards. My spirituality reading was equally spot-on and helpful and Danielle spoke with me in detail about what I could do to open up and augment my spiritual practice. I came away from the experience feeling grounded, inspired and more mindful of my place in this soulful Universe. It is clear that Danielle’s natural intuition and her passion for helping others to lead a more fulfilling life has found it’s culmination in her life-coaching business. I can’t wait for our next session!” Natalie Poole, Medford, OR

“Danielle has an ability to create harmony in any group or team, along with a smile, outgoing enthusiasm and sense of humor.” -Cliff Montgomery; Executive & Career Coach, Bucks County, PA

“I just had my first tarot card reading with Danielle and it was amazing! I highly recommend one. I received insight on what is in store in the months ahead, as well as clarity on my direction and priorities in general. I feel excited, energized, and very grateful. Thank you, Danielle!!”  – Ali Katz; Meditation Teacher, A to Zen Meditation

“Danielle has a magnetic energy that instantly draws you in. I had the ultimate pleasure of receiving a yearly reading and guidance from her, and to this date, she’s been spot on! Danielle’s reading offered me clarity and a deeper understanding of my path and my truth. Her advice and insights have helped me get through extremely difficult times with more ease and grace, and she’s guided me to see all that I am capable of achieving. I highly recommend working with Danielle! She is a truly gifted, loving and intuitive soul.” -Ruby Fremon; Transformational Coach, Santa Monica, CA

“Danielle and I have a bond that arguably defies psychological explanations. She is intuitive and tuned in with people’s motives, energies, and behavioural patterns. I trust and look up to Danielle. Her opinion is important to me.” -Emily Aube; Founder, Anxiety Free Community

“I know Danielle on a personal level and she is a coach that practices what she preaches. She has tested her methods personally and because of that she is better able to serve you. She is trustworthy, empathetic, compassionate but above all a truly wonderful listener. She is able to to really hear what you are saying and will get to know you better than you know yourself. I highly recommend working with Danielle. Your life will change for the better.” –Kristy Dell; High School Teacher, San Francisco, CA

“D is for Dynamite!  Danielle can always provide a lighthearted laugh and puts a smile on everyone around her.  She has a kind heart and always cares for and nurtures others! She is very supportive and wants to see others succeed as much as her self.” -Anonymous; New York, NY

“Absolutely delightful, funny, intelligent, very caring and sensitive.  Direct and honest, Danielle is one AWESOME individual!” -Isabelle Pascale, Ayurvedic Pratictioner & Life Coach

“Hard working, charismatic, and motivated individual with a drive for results.  Danielle inspires passion and excitement around shared goals and values.  She knows how to demonstrate courage and optimism during time of crisis or change.” -Mario M., PBC

“I found it very important that someone was holding me accountable because I would always think about our weekly check ins and would try to make better decisions based on that. It was successful because sharing your goals and having someone hold you to them is very important!” – Genevieve Komorowski; Blogger, City Lights & Tasty Bites

“I had an amazing tarot card reading! I learned more about what I need to focus on over the next 3 months. Danielle‘s authentic connection with spirit, her positive spin on the tarot cards, and her unique sense of humor made this not only insightful, but FUN! I highly recommend you do this if you haven’t yet!!! Danielle is amazing!” Anne Marie Imperiale; Transformational Life Coach

“WOW WOW WOW! I had an amazing experience with Danielle Mercurio – a reading from the Tarot. This session even built upon the one I had four years ago from a different reader… it was really really amazing how right on she was! I am still pretty stunned at how accurate she was. It was perfect timing… I needed some affirming, calming, encouraging words. I liked how Danielleprovided much more than the meaning of the cards – she was thoughtful, fun, sensitive, and she gave me great suggestions for moving forward. I am going to implement everything she suggested! If you need some guidance and direction, I highly recommend a session with her!” Shannon Elhart; Mindfulness Teacher & Expert, Green Heart Mindfulness

“Incredible intuition and listening skills.  Danielle always keeps an open mind and heart during our time together.” 


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