Become Your Own Intuitive Astrologist Video Course!

CALL REPLAY – Listen to my insight on how to easily understand the Zodiac as well as the people in your life! Also included is a groovy meditation with Archangel Orion and downloaded Astrological messages.

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“Become Your Own Intuitive Astrologist” is an online video course that applies the basics of Astrology to easily apply it to your every day life!

In this foundational and magical 4-week training, Danielle shares her treasured secrets and explains how you can understand Astrology with a just bit of logic and your own intuition! At long last, discover how the stars relate to each other in a fun, easy way!

The course includes 4 instructional videos along with information PDFs and Cosmic playsheets that include fun exercises for practice! You’ll also have the opportunity to schedule a 30 minute 1:1 session with Danielle to discuss any questions that come up for you during the program. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to understand the fundamentals of Western Astrology, how the signs relate to one and other, Moon phases & rituals, and even be able to practice your new Gypsy skills on friends & family!

  • Learn more about your Astrological sign and birth chart

  • Interconnect the relationship qualities of the signs – i.e. learn to play matchmaker!

  • Comprehend the Planetary influences and how they effect us daily

  • Understand the Moon cycles & conduct your own Rituals/Circles

  • Amplify your Intuition to enhance Astrological data and messages

So who’s the mastermind behind all of this?

The course is facilitated by Danielle Mercurio, Intuitive Astrologist & self proclaimed Urban Gypsy. She believes that the answers we are seeking already exist in the universe and has a way of bringing forth such guidance to reveal your fate. Having a passion for astrology and tarot cards since a young age, she utilizes these cosmic tools to create clarity and awareness for her clients. She has a light-hearted approach, while combining her own intuition and wit, to instruct in an upbeat and engaging way. Danielle is also a transformational coach and Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher, who encourage individuals to stop playing small, build their confidence and make their dreams a reality!

Are You Ready to Start?

Purchase now & be ready for a whole new way of looking at the stars! Payment plan is also available by making your first installment here of $115. The second payment will be collected 31 days after. This price point will only be available until August 24, 2015 so act now!

Everyone that signs up will also receive a 25% discount off of Danielle’s 1:1 services (all done via the phone).


Still not sure? Here’s why you should opt in now:

  • While the program can be done at anytime, participating now gives you free access to ask me questions and gain my extra insight throughout the course. Soon the 30 minute 1:1 will not be available!
  • You’re locked in at a great price. The next time this program is released, the cost will go up. By purchasing the course now, you’re fully locked in for it’s lifetime! That means anytime it’s relaunched, you’ll have access to new materials as well as the support group again. So buy now and play later!
  • There is a payment plan. You asked, I delivered. You can split it up in 2 increments of $115 by setting up here. The second payment will be due 31 days after.
  • Worried that you don’t have the time for this commitment? This course can be set aside to fit YOUR schedule. The videos are no more than 50 minutes each with a few cosmic activities to implement afterwards. The beauty of the course is that it’s designed to allow you to start using Astrology principles everywhere – so the learning goes beyond you and your computer!

Here’s what just some people have to say about Danielle!

“Danielle is a gorgeous rock star! I am on many astrology sites and watch lots of videos, however Danielle is always the BEST. I love her and forward her work onto my friends. Thank you!” Michele Harlem Shaffer; Life Fulfillment Coach

“I have been on fire since our session, because I know how to navigate the cosmos in my chart for my benefit. Once I realized that there was literally a karmic soul order and I had work to do, I was on it. I am so blessed to have had an intuitive astrology reading from my urban gypsy guru. I have had my charts read before but combine that with laser sharp focus and intuition=priceless.”  Maureen Saladino, Spiritual Strategist and Intuitive Energy Coach

“Interested in Astrology? I’ve never known much other than my Sun sign based on my birthday. If you are even a little bit curious, I just had a session with Danielle Mercurio and I would highly recommend it. She went through my charts based on my birth day, year, and time. So many great insights. Lots of things I already know about myself were confirmed and she gave wonderful guidance on how to nurture those aspects of my life.” -Tammy Kaplan Spiewak

Are you over the mystique of Astrology? Treat yourself to an amazing educational & enjoyable adventure from a free-spirited teacher that is here to make Astrology relatable, usable and totally fun!

Sign up today!! Don’t let another missed opportunity for cosmic connection to pass you by!

Email any questions to

*course is non-refundable.

Click here to schedule a 1:1 reading with Danielle!

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