Schedule & Flow

While below is the anticipated schedule, the course can be completely done at your own time! Please note, the price of this course will go up in the future, so even if you’re thinking about doing it, you can always purchase now and play later.

7/16/2015: Blast Off Broadcast! 

Course begins on the New Moon in Cancer. Join Danielle via video for a special manifestation and meditation circle. You’ll learn why it’s important to create rituals on the New Moon and implement journaling and other exercises you can use for your own journey and share with others. It’s destined to be a magical experience!

To just purchase the New Moon Class for $22 – opt in here!

7/19/2015: Video 1 & materials – 12 Zodiac Signs & Sun/Rising Sign

In this first week, learn the importance of the signs of the Zodiac. The 12 signs represent specific human qualities that correspond to how we relate to our daily life. Receive a detailed overview of each sign, with simple suggestions for remembering each one’s attributes with ease. Understand the value of Sun Signs as well as the relevance of the Rising Sign.

7/23/2015: Video 1 Discussion! Live call with Danielle to recap video & open up for Q&A.

7/26/2015: Video 2 & materials – Astrological Relationships, & Amplifying Intuition

Discover deeper meaning behind how the signs interplay with each other. Learn which signs are the most compatible and the best ways to compare signs to signify a valid match. Find out if same signs can work together and other key components. Also learn how intuition plays into Astrology and how you can use spiritual guidance in connection with the guidance from the stars.

7/30/2015: Video 2 Discussion! Live call with Danielle to recap video & open up for Q&A. Also prep for the Blue Moon on 7/31!

8/2/2015: Video 3 & materials – The Planets & Influences

The planets represent our fundamental drives, urges and the motivating forces behind our daily actions. Together with our Sun & Moon, the 8 planets play a major part in Astrology! Learn about the energies of the planets and how they relate to your birth chart. Also figure out transits and retrogrades.

8/6/2015: Video 3 Discussion! Live call with Danielle to recap video & open up for Q&A.

8/9/2015: Video 4 & materials – The Moon Phases & Rituals

The Moon is a pivotal essence of our human experience. It connects us to our basic emotional needs and feelings. Find out how the Moon travels through the Zodiac, Phases and Rituals. Make sense of how to properly manifest with the Moon cycles. You’ll even receive tools and templates to create your own New Moon & Full Moon circles!

8/13/2015: Final Discussion! Live call with Danielle to recap video & open up for Q&A. As it falls on the New Moon in Leo, the group will come together with what they learned to create a collective circle experience, including meditations, manifestations & intuitive readings.


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