Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga brings forth the energy of awareness. It is a sacred blend of body, mind and spirit through the use of yoga postures, chanting, mediation and breathwork. The beauty is that every experience is different and the emphasis goes beyond just the physical body and cleanses the mind and soul.

Check the event section for upcoming classes. Also available for private individual, group, prenatal or children’s yoga sessions.

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Guided Meditations

Meditation is a beautiful way to slow down from your crazy routine, job, family and friends, and become more attuned to who you are. Meditation can reduce stress, aid in weight loss, increase sexual satisfaction, and promote faster decision making just to name a few. After our first pow-wow, I’ll create a custom meditation program for your specific needs. Sessions are held in person or via phone. It can also coincide with coaching packages. They can also be recorded as an mp3 for continued use. Also available to lead group or corporate meditation sessions.

Guided Meditation Session: This session will allow you to open up to deeper to receive the wisdom from cosmos and implement for outward manifestation. You’ll learn how the current astrology cycles pertain to your sign and move into a relaxed, deep meditation to provoke and allow your internal wisdom to come through. Included is a journal exercise to bring your destiny to paper. 30 minutes, $44, includes audio recording. Follow this link to set up!

group meditation

To schedule an appointment or plan an event/party, email at

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