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June 2, 2015: To the Moon & Back! Astrology & Moon Signs

On June 2nd the Moon becomes Full in the astrological sign of Sagittarius. What does that mean for you exactly? It’s more than just werewolves and getting out your telescope! Just like the Sun influences our daily lives, the Moon also has an energetic pull to our beings. By understanding the cycles of the Moon, you can learn the best times for manifesting, taking action or laying low. On this radio broadcast, Danielle will discuss the importance of your Moon Sign, how it influences your life’s path and what to do for the Full Moon. There will be an opportunity to call in with your questions as well as astrological insights as it relates to your specific sign. Have a pen and paper ready for notes!

April 21, 2015: Spirituality as your Saving Grace What do you do when your whole world seems to be falling apart? Or you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works? Where do you turn? Who do you go to? The answer, quite simply, falls back to you. When all seems lost you can come back to home… and not just in the physical sense but to that space within yourself. You can reawaken your soul and in turn find that it’s ultimately your saving grace. Danielle interviews special guest Emily Aube intuitive healer, life coach, author and founder of Anxiety Free Community as they discuss how the act of bringing spirituality back into the forefront of your life can ultimately change your life for the better. You’ll gain an understanding of how easy it can be to tap into spirit and use it as a healing way to soothe your pain and release anxieties. They’ll explain how the challenges are actually just lessons that carry us toward the truth. The time is now and who better to save yourself than you?

March 3, 2015: Guided Meditations to Expand Your Soul’s Purpose! Join Danielle Mercurio for an hour of meditation and bliss! Divinely tune into your heart’s desires and let the stress of the day and your outside worries melt away. Danielle will use guided meditations to lead you through a series of breath techniques to allow you to open up into the realm of possibilies and expansion in your life. You are worth so much and capable of anything. Listen in and let your mind catch up with your soul.

Feb 17, 2015: Alpha Chick in 5 Steps; Moving from Pain to Power Mal Duane, Life Recovery Coach and Best Selling Author of Alpha Chick; Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power, guides you step-by-step in the process of becoming your own unique brand of Alpha Chick. It sets you on your own road to being the ideal you; the sizzling, empowered woman you are meant to be. Alpha Chick shows you how to let go of the past and recapture self-love, faith, and hope. Learn all you need to create a new vision to achieve an exceptional life filled with passion, purpose and power.

Jan 21, 2015: Aloha! Hawaiian Healing to Cleanse the Soul & Find your Path Danielle interviews Belinda to understand how you can take part in your own healing journey & uncover the truth from within in order to be free. They’ll explore the Hawaiian teachings that invite you to forgive, unplug from your old non-productive stories, and step into the frequencies of your Higher Self. These frequencies can heal your physical body, bring you back into balance, lighten your load & fulfill your soul’s purpose.

Jan 6, 2015: Snag Your Dream Job! Ready for a career change however too overwhelmed with how busy your life is? And worried how you will stand out in this job market? I bring on career coach Jill Ozovek & financial expert Ashley Feinsten to discuss how you can make any major job transition without the lethargy, scatteredness, annoyances or money fears that often come with it. You’ll take away key strategies you can implement into your daily routine to for quick turnaround to meet your goals. Get ready to snag the job AND be financially savvy and happy in the process!

Dec 16, 2014: Transform w/Transcendental Energy What would it feel like to transcend your unique obstacles and challenges to success so that you can manage and expand your life with confidence, power and grace?  How can you turn your passions into something real and tangible?  Gail Baral asks those very questions to inspire you to invest in yourself first and reap the rewards that follow. The biggest setback?  That something needs to change.  On this episode, Host Danielle and Gail will explore the concept of “Transcendental Energy” so you can glide into the New Year feeling empowered and ready to move past the discomfort of playing it safe.

Dec 2, 2014: Being Present, the True Holiday Gift!  The holidays are a joyful time for festivities & creating memories with family and friends. However does the looming dread of planning and staying organized completely overwhelm you? Wouldn’t you love to just be present so you can actually enjoy the season? I’m interviewing Ali Katz to give you the simple tools to slow down and tackle the issues onset by the Holidays. Give yourself the gift of Zen this holiday season!

Nov 18, 2014: Talking With the Angels! Danielle brings back guest Brianna Rose, and together they reveal how to communicate with your spirit tribe, especially the archangels. Allow yourself to be immersed and touched by the angelic realm during this divine episode.

Oct 21, 2014: Spirituality & Numbers; the signs you can count on! Ever wonder why reoccuring numbers seem to show up? Or why we connect to lucky numbers & dread others? Numbers are more than currency or an address, many believe they’re the doorway to spiritual guidance & finding meaning & purpose. Join Danielle and special guests Katie Kozlowski and Denise Marinacci as they dive deeper into our number system.

Sept 2, 2014: Self Discovery Shape Up! Back to Basics. As the summer makes it’s slow descend into the fall and we enter back to school season, it’s a time to reassess where we are in our own lives. Is the year going as planned?  Are we happy?  Are we ready to learn more? On this episode, Danielle interviews Theresa McCabe about her self discovery work and provide guidance towards acheiving your dreams and realigning with your values.  What part of yourSELF is ready to come out and shine this season?

Aug 19, 2014: Aligning & Vibrating with Love On this episode, Danielle and guest Angela Wilkinson explore how to ditch your dating mindset and allow yourself to receive love, surrender to the process and just freaking start trusting already!  It is a beautiful fusion of dating, attraction and feminine energy!

July 29, 2014: Tap Into Your Life! Learn the amazing way the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) aka Tapping, can transform you’re life! EFT is used to shift thinking, bust through blocks and relieve conditions such as anxiety, depression, weight gain and other frustrations! Joined by special guests Susan Somersett Webb and Paula Graham.

July 15, 2014: What’s in Your Snow Globe? We all have a vision for our lives. Good people, good health, good job…and then somehow things get shaken up. Either we lose our direction or we doubt the course we are on. On this episode, Danielle will discuss how we lose sight of our dreams and settle in what is. You’ll learn how to hold your vision and demonstrate patience, with some simple tools you can start using today!

July 6, 2014: New You City One Year Anniversary Show! It’s been an amazing year and I’m so proud of what the show has accomplished and the incredible line up of guest hosts we’ve had. In honor of the 1 year, take a look back and check in with some of your favorite guests to hear what they’ve been up to and any new insight they can provide.

June 17, 2014: Money Mindset, How to Invest Fully in Life! Are you ready to invest fully in your life however money issues seem to keep you back?  Do you let your earnings control how much fun you can have in life?  Do you want to plan ahead for your financial future yet endlessly splurge on pay day instead? The show will focus on how to manage your funds with more clarity, but also to change your mindset around how you feel about money.  Danielle is joined by guest Ashley Feinstein, certified life coach, specializing in finance through her business, Knowing Your Worth (

June 3, 2014: Mercury’s going retrograde…Again! You may have felt the vicious energy of Mercury retrograding in February (when a planet goes backwards) and now it’s back again this month! The shift will occur June 7th and run through July 1st. Not sure if you can handle yet another setback in your life? Do not fear as this time won’t be as severe as the last though you do need to prepare yourself. During the broadcast, you’ll learn what will happen during this period and what you will need to be aware of in order to protect yourself from this energy. You’ll have a better sense of how the planets relate to each other and how it also relates to your sign/birth chart. This is definitely an episode not to be missed!

May 6, 2014: All or Nothing? FORGET THAT! Have a life AND be healthy!  Starting a new regime, whether it is a diet, exercise or other NEW change in lifestyle, seems easy. Why? Because you are totally gung ho…and then slowly but surely, real life gets in the way and it’s harder to keep up. Before you know it, you’re back to where you started (or even worse), completely off the wagon. Sound familiar? Danielle interviews Andrea Ruchelman to discuss simple strategies you can use to keep to your goals AND your sanity! They explore the “have-to’s” we try to follow and why we start making excuses when we think we might fail. You’ll walk away with the tools for how to create a life filled with more balance, satisfaction, enjoyment and less regrets.

April 1, 2014: The Kindness Challenge Danielle is joined by guest Alison Cebulla, founder of The Kindness Challenge.  She’ll discuss how we can build a better community, create more trust and extend an open kindness towards one’s self.

March 18th: Shining the Light on Spirituality– Spirituality has many faces. So much so that some cannot even recognize it anymore.  Which one has to wonder is it your spirituality that you cannot see or yourself?  Or was your last spiritual experience a trip to Lululemon?  On this episode of “New You City Chat”, Danielle is joined by Kayla Hines of Traci & Kayla Life Coaching.  Together they’ll discuss why spiritual coaching/guidance is on the rise and how this is a trend your higher self will thank you for!  You’ll see when you have faith and believe, fear is released and love lights the path.  By the end of the show, you’ll start to understand that you possess a light and energy with unlimited resources to obtain the life you desire.

March 4th: Off the Cuff: The Art of Improptu Speaking– Learn how to speak effectively on the fly and manage those awkward situations life sometimes presents you.  Throughout the show, Danielle and guest host Danielle Mund share with you the tools they’ve learned from their time together as members of Toastmasters, as well as why it’s so important for us to use improv as an effective way to live!

February 4, 2014: Fall In Love With Yourself!  Danielle and guest host Lindsay Laughnan discuss how loving yourself can boost confidence, aid in weight loss and even in finding someone to love!

November 19, 2013:  Astrology & Lifestyle Choices   – Learn how your Sun Sign influences your choices and desires in life!

November 5, 2013: Jump Start Your New Year Now!   I’m joined by guest host/life coach Brandon Moreno as we explore the fear and blocks that prevent you from moving ahead and what to do about it!

October 15, 2013: The Myth of the Ladder to Success   My interview with Andrew Dao about how to overcome the pressures of society to find your true path!

October 1, 2013: Upbeat: Power of Music & Positivity!   Join me and a few special guests as we discuss the impact music can have on our lives and well being!

September 18, 2013: Good Morning? Yes or No? I’m joined by two other life coach hosts to discuss the best ways to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night!

September 17, 2013: Go from Fear of Missing Out to Fabulous! Danielle discusses how our ‘Fear of Missing Out’ aka FOMO, creates blocks that hold us back in life by comparing ourselves to others. She’ll show you have to find a healthy balance of your social life, self love and even social media. By the end of the show, you’ll have a new take on FOMO – aka ‘Fabulous on My Own!’

September 3, 2013: Finding Zen in the City! Danielle interviews Nita Blum, an expert in living a more holistic life.  They’ll discuss the simple ways you can create balance and how to incorporate techniques such as the “relaxation response”.  By the end of the show, you’ll be feeling fabulous AND mindful!

August 20, 2013: Manifest Your Dreams! Are you ready to attract more love, money or even a hotter body? Learn the ways to manifest positivity and results through simple thoughts and techniques. You’ll start to see how to make the city work with you as oppose to against you, even faster than you can catch the subway! To receive your FREE guided manifestation meditations after the show, go to

August 18, 2013: Super Soul Sunday Aftershow – Oprah’s interview with don Miguel Ruiz Three Life Coaches recap Oprah’s discussion with the author of the New York Times best-selling book The Four Agreements.

August 6, 2013: What Other People Think of You is NONE of Your Business! Learn the ways that other people’s opinions hold you back and how you can lift the internal blocks to get you where you need to be! Understand how being indecisive can prevent you from living out your DREAM life!

July 2, 2013: Is Your Co-Worker Really A Vampire? How YOU can protect yourself & others! There’s a widespread community of people known as ENERGY VAMPIRES spreading throughout our community!  Listen for the ways to spot the vampires in your life and defend yourself from being depleted of your vitality!

June 15, 2013: Life Coach Chat: Are YOU living up to your potential? Learn how to tap into your true potential and lead a more satisfying and purposeful life!

June 2, 2013: Life Coach Chat – Demo of What Life Coaching Is Witness how Life Coaching works! Myself and 2 other coaches take turns to show you what the process really entails!

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