Are you ready for an affordable, fast and uncomplicated way to finally reach your goals?

Are you still holding onto those last 10lbs while your skinny jeans are collecting dust on the top shelf of your closet?

Do you wake up every morning thinking you hate your job and yet your resume is still on your desk, waiting to be updated?

Are you tired of always trying one new fad to the next, only to fail and go right back to where you started?

Is your profile’s only action from the monthly subscription fee withdrawn from your bank account?

If you can relate, you might be ready for the ‘Fast Track to Your Confident, Happy and Rock Star Self’ program!

You have goals and milestones in your life that you want to achieve.  And yet the days roll by and nothing happens.  You’re spinning like mad on the hamster wheel and yet still stuck in the same place.

As you know, there are tons of options out there for solutions to our goals and to get results quick.  There is Personal Training, books, diet food, fancy planners and even Life Coaches.

And you’re always SO excited at the start of it all!  Then something shifts.  You get distracted.  It starts getting too expensive to maintain.  Your schedule doesn’t allow for all the appointments every week.  It becomes overwhelming and you put it all off for later.  You eventually find another program that seems easier and give it a try only to quit again a few weeks later.

Sound familiar?  It’s not fun feeling like for every step forward, you take two back.  How much more time, energy, money and disappointment are you willing to take on?  Can you ever just feel satisfied?

Enter the Fast Track to your kick-ass goals solution!

I wanted to find a way that even the busiest of individuals could get what they wanted efficiently and quickly.  Routine 9-5 jobs just aren’t the norm anymore.  We’re now working more hours, managing a single parent household or going back to school part time. Trying to keep it all straight can be exhausting!

So I’ve studied other self-help programs over the past two years.  I noted everything that was successful as well as everything that wasn’t.  I listened to your feedback regarding what you love about them and what you can’t stand.

From there I’ve created a system that focuses only on what WORKS.  And it really comes down to one key element.  Accountability.

My program has found a proven way for you to achieve your biggest goals in a matter of weeks!  There are no costly reoccurring or late fees, endless appointments to keep up with or feeling like you’re taking too much time away from family and friends.  The attention is solely on the goal you’re ready to implement.  That’s it.

Why else will this work for you?  I’ve so been there.

I spent much of my teen and early adult years struggling to maintain my weight, trying to figure out my “purpose” (what did that mean anyway?) and maybe date a cute dude.  I failed miserably most of the time and wound up alone on a Friday night with my crew of Ben & Jerry.  I hated feeling that way.  I just wanted something to work, anything that would make me feel like I was doing something right.  Instead, I ate, drank or spent away my feelings and took a back seat to life.


I finally got to a point where I was tired of continuously getting my hopes up.  I had been let down so many times by new diets, a promising dating site or endless attempts to get my act together in regards to a career.  Nothing seemed to work out.  I felt desperate, alone and frustrated.

It wasn’t until something finally clicked in my head and everything started to come together.  I found a way to give myself structure and the space I needed to align my desires with my current reality.  The weight just started to melt off, I was experiencing real fun and enjoyment, and excelled further at my job.  Now when I look in the mirror, not only do I like what I see on the outside, I love the inside just as much.


I’m sharing this with you because I understand what you feel like to be stuck in the same routine.  It sucks feeling like you are directionless while everyone else seems to know their path.

I can show you how you can make anything you want in your life happen.  Especially the opportunities you have been craving for so long.  And it doesn’t have to take all your time or your money.

I started implementing this process with weight loss programs I conducted.  The results were insane and people were losing weight at a rapid pace.  To date, I’ve worked with over 35 people and they’ve collectively lost almost 400lbs.  Here’s an example of a participant that had only planned to lose ten pounds and then doubled that amount!!


It became clear that I needed to share this knowledge with more people and to start using it in other areas of their lives as well.

You’ve already invested so much into trying to make your life better.  You’re ready for change.  And I believe you know what it takes to make it happen.  It’s time to get those results and start looking and feeling the way you know you’re meant to.

How exactly does the Fast Track program work?

I’ve basically stripped the coaching process down to it’s core and am showcasing everything that works and people love about it.  I made it so that it’s doable for even the busiest ‘on the go’ person to achieve results – fast.  As in just five weeks.

The set up:

  • You’ll establish the part of your life that you are just dying to makeover.
  • We find the most realistic approach to make it work uniquely to you.
  • I create and send you a detailed step by step action plan to execute your vision.
  • I’ll email you a reminder of your goals at the start of each week, designed to work with your hectic schedule.
  • We continue to correspond via email and/or text so you can check in with me in alignment to the completion of your goals. (i.e. texting me after you go to the gym or sending an email once you update your LinkedIn profile)
  • I continue to hold you accountable to your set goal throughout the entire process.
  • The 5 weeks fly by and before you know it, your goal has been achieved!

This is perfect for you if you need a clear plan that you can access from anywhere at any time, and you understand how to take direction and roll with it.


  • Clarity around your goals and how to efficiently achieve them
  • Step by step vision plan for producitivity
  • Freedom! Break away from the habitual setbacks you’ve had in the past
  • New habits that will bring you long term success and goal maintenance
  • Confidence in your capability to succeed
  • New resources, tools and insight to keep you motivated and focused
  • More time for balance and fun!

This is for you if:

  • You’re committed and ready for change
  • You haven’t found a way to properly manage your time and are ready to learn
  • You know what needs to be done, you just need to do it already and have someone keep you on track
  • You work well independently
  • You have a positive attitude
  • You’re able to visualize a more satisfying future for yourself

This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren’t truly ready for change
  • You bring a negative attitude to the process
  • You tend to make excuses or justify situations
  • You’re waiting for the “right” time (trust me, it’s now!)
  • You aren’t willing to get honest with yourself

Getting started and timing:

After signing up for the program, you’ll receive a welcome packet with everything you need to start the process!  You’ll fill out and send the included goal strategy worksheet to me which will highlight your intentions.  We’ll schedule a 45 minute session via phone or Skype to brainstorm and target the ways for your ultimate success!  Over the course of the next 5 weeks, we’ll touch base per our agreement and keep moving toward your end result.  On the last day, we celebrate your victory and pop the bubbly!

Wait, I’m giving you even more!

Sign up now and you’ll not only receive this program at my introductory rate, you’ll also receive the following bonuses:

  • My 3 steps to getting a kick ass achievable goal fun sheet
  • Breakthrough Journal that you can use on a daily or weekly basis to accelerate the process even further ($15 value)
  • One 30 minute wrap up phone or skype session at the end of the 5 weeks ($70 value)
  • E-book to long term maintenance of your goals ($20 value)
  • Extension of initial brainstorm session to 60 mins ($35 value)
  • One “bye” week to use if you get stuck and you need a bit more time ($70 value)


One payment of $245 or 2 equal payments of $125.  This is a huge value in that the average cost for ONE 60 minute coaching session is $150.  You’re getting essentially the same results for a fraction of the price AND have more time to focus on the things that are important to you.

You need to take action on this right now because there are only a limited number of spots available!  Also, by missing out on the introductory price, the bonuses will also no longer be available to you (a total value of $250)

What you need to do next:

Buy now at the introductory rate and finally get the jump start you need to make your dreams a reality!  Utilize the buy now feature and select either the full or partial payment plan. After making your purchase, you’ll receive your welcome packet within 24 hours with the instructions from me on the next steps.

FLASH Sale!  Purchase the program at 50% off introductory price!!!  That’s less than the cost of one coaching session!  Act now before they go back up tomorrow!

Purchase the 5-Week Fast Track Program! (Full Payment)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Purchase the 5-Week Fast Track Program! (2 Payments Plan)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Remember, the system works!

“I found it very important that someone was holding me accountable because I would always think about our weekly weight check in day and would try to make better eating decisions based on that. It was successful because sharing your goals and having someone hold you to them is a very important!” – Genevieve Komorowski; Blogger, City Lights & Tasty Bites

“Danielle has a way of letting you speak your mind from your fears, to your judgments and opinions without making you feel you are right or wrong. Instead, her techniques helped to guide me to thinking about the root of my issues, why I felt a certain way and then created a plan to help me get out of that mentality. She is able to successfully bring you through to a resolution. Her charming personality and strong knowledge of her coaching skills has helped me immensely!” –Nisha D.

So, let’s make this happen!  I can’t wait to watch your victory story come to life.




Is virtual coaching as effective as in person coaching?

Yes!  Studies have shown it is just as successful and empowering.  As long as you have a commitment to change and access to a phone and/or computer, you’re good to go!

I just signed up!  How soon can we start?

As soon as you are ready!  Ideally, the process would begin shortly after you purchase the program.  If you aren’t able to start right away but want to take advantage of the introduction cost and bonuses, you can certainly buy now and reach out to me when you’d like to begin.

Why is the program 5 weeks?

Through prior programs and clients, I have seen big turnarounds in that window of time.  Personally, I’m impatient and I don’t want to waste your time.  So I’m looking for the fastest way to get you what you need now.  Plus, on average, that is the set length of time for habit formation.

Can you guarantee results?

I believe that if you stay focused to the visualization plan we agree on, you will gain serious results from the process.  In our initial strategy session, you’ll see how we’ll make it as easy and reasonable as possible to achieve.

How often can I contact you?

After we brainstorm and create your action plan, we’ll establish set times throughout the week to touch base.  It will vary based upon your unique goal and what your needs are.  For example, if you want to start implementing smoothies every morning as part of your new diet plan; you can send me a photo via text after you make it.  Or maybe you want me to send you a reminder on the nights you plan to go to the gym.  On average though, you can expect at least 3 days of text correspondence and 2 weekly emails.

Can I call you?

Besides the initial strategy session and the final wrap call (included bonus), there are not any other scheduled phone times.  We can certainly discuss adding it on in 15 minute increments (for an added fee) if you would find it helpful!

Can I stop or change my goal?

While I recommend seeing your original intention through, things may come up or change during the process.  We will discuss and re-tweak as necessary.  This is also where the bonus “bye” week comes in handy!

I want to sign up, but I’m too indecisive! How can I figure out the best goal to achieve optimum results?

One of the bonus features includes a fun sheet to help you narrow down your goal for the program.  If you’re still feeling doubtful, you can sign up for a FREE 15 minute session with me to figure it out!  This requires no additional obligation from you!  To sign up, go here: Are you interested in the Fast Track to your Rock Star Self program  but not sure what you want your goal to be? I’m offering a FREE 15 minute session to figure it out! No additional obligations required!  To sign up, go here:

Can I add on more weeks?

Yes!  Additional weeks can be added on for $70.

What’s up with you in the bathtub in your after photo?

I was in Las Vegas for my birthday.  Sometimes you end up in strange places!

The prices are still a little too expensive for me.  Do you offer discounts?

Besides the introductory offer, I do not have any further discounts.  However if you would like to break it up into smaller payment plans, I can work with you to make it work in your favor!

Have more questions?  Shoot me an email at

Purchase the 5-Week Fast Track Program! (Full Payment)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards

Purchase the 5-Week Fast Track Program! (2 Payments Plan)

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


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