Ready to Tackle Holiday Stress & Bad Eating Habits?

Do you dread the holiday season and what it will do to your waistline?  Are you already cringing at the thought of a gingerbread and egg nog binge?  Instead of a joyous one, the holidays can often be a time of chaos and overeating, which leads to stress, guilt and self blame.

Join me LIVE in NYC on Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 7p.m. as I show you how to not only survive holiday eating without the added weight, but still be able to eat and drink what you want too!  It really IS possible! You’ll learn the proven ways to lower your holiday stress and how not to get wild at the buffet line!

I’ll teach you the tools I’ve implemented to lose 40 pounds (and keep it off) without all the restrictions and calorie counting that some diets call for.  You’ll leave with new methods that you can confidently start using right away, at Thanksgiving and right into the New Year!  You may even shock everyone when you LOSE weight during the season!  There will be mindful eating exercises as well as light meditation, please let me know if you have any dietary restrictions!

So let’s leave the big red stretchy pants for Santa shall we??

More information can be found via eventbrite:


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